Aloha can be defined as ‘the breath of life’.  It can’t be seen, but can be recognized in smiles, embraces, laughter and good deeds.  It’s the contagious way that we share our stoke for life… Enjoy every day with Mucho Aloha!

Mucho Aloha is a celebration of the natural riches and laid back life enjoyed here in Southern California and Hawaii.   We create products that emphasize this lifestyle and bring a fun vibe and good times to any gathering of your family and friends.

The iconic Mucho Aloha pigeon, we call him “Pidgin,” represents the importance of harmony between cultures, and embraces freedom, adventure, and acceptance.  Pidgin is a simplified language that develops organically between two or more groups who don’t share a common language. Not native to any group, pidgin is adopted when cultures blend.  As a brand, Mucho Aloha embraces this melting pot of cultures here in Southern California and Hawaii.  We give a nod to Hawaii’s rich and playful pidgin language and Southern California’s emerging “Spanglish” pidgin to create Mucho Aloha.

Mucho Aloha is about good times and loving life…
La Vida Mo‘ Bettah!