A lot of people ask how we ended up brewing these quality beers in Wisconsin…. Here’s the story!

When we first got started with our good friend and master brewer Rey Knight we didn’t have a whole lot of money… still don’t!  The first brews were done in a Brew Magic home set up. We liked them a lot, and managed to scrap together enough to open a mico brewery in San Diego. We called it Butcher’s Brewing, but that‘s a story for another time. All along we wanted to put the beers in cans, before cans got cool again, but a good canner is really expensive, way more than we could afford.  So we did what every resourceful entrepreneur does, we found a good partner. That search led us to Wisconsin home to some of the country’s richest brewing history.  In fact , our partner is one of the country’s oldest craft breweries.  They know their beer and they’re great people too.  They were willing to help us little guys out… and they still do.  Aloha lives everywhere.

On the horizon, we have plans to open our own brewing facilities in SoCal and Hawaii. It will take us some time, but it’s a priority to bring things home! Stay tuned as well for some brew-pubs, the perfect hangout to experience all that is Mucho Aloha.

In the meantime, enjoy our great beer, brewed with aloha by great people. Mucho Aloha