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HPA™ Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, like the name suggests, is as much about where and how you drink it as it is about the design.  Inspired by the same laid back beach lifestyle we enjoy here in SoCal and Hawaii, it’s meant to be shared with good friends at back yard barbeques, and off a cold tap with the crew at your local joint.  Mucho Aloha!  It’s not a San Diego Pale Ale (borderline IPA).  It’s not as hoppy, not as heavy.  It’s meant to be a lighter, crisp, clean Hawaiian Style Pale Ale!  The HPA is a blend of American grains and hops, fermented with Belgian yeast.  It is a lighter bodied pale ale with tropical phenolic compounds of banana, citrus and a slight spiciness of clove and allspice.  Finishing with the undertone of bitterness from cascade hops, it pairs with sweet, smoky and spicy foods.


PACIFIC STYLE PILS™, our Bohemian pilsner, embodies all that is Mucho Aloha – fun, free and full of character. We used American and German grains, Noble hops and a specially selected Czech yeast. After a SLOW and LOW cold fermentation, PACIFIC PILS™ is rich and golden in color, crisp and smooth in taste with subtle hoppiness and a very clean finish. Made for good times, this beer pairs well with a Baja road trip, or simply enjoying the sunset at your local beach.